Reviews for "Zelda I: A Hero is Born"


I've seen better, I've seen worst, you put effert into it, so I have to give you credit for that. I'm trying to make my first sprite movie now, I hope at least as good as yours.

Keep up the good work, one thing about sprite movies is that they get better made each time.

MasterSwank responds:

cool cant wait to see your flash


not a great flash but still an excellent effort. One thing you should fix in the sequel is the text stays on screen for way too long. Adjust it to a reasonable length. Also the text right before the wise man appeared went WAY too fast so ya just fix some text issues. The story and humor was kind of corny but I haven't looked at your profile yet and I'm sure you're very young especially judging by this flash. All in all you should be proud this is a decent flash and I laughed at the title screen joke. I love Jurassic Park.