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CannonBlaster 3

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Author Comments

It's taken about 2 months to create CannonBlaster 3, and FINALLY I can post it online!

I will be reading all your reviews so make sure you leave a review and vote.

Thank you and enjoy CannonBlaster 3!!


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GREAT game!

Awesome game! DEFINITELY! Really, ignore HorrorOfHell, because he OBVIOUSLY isn't very good with thinking ahead spatially! Great game; very fun!

I liked it ^_^

Ignore HorrorOfHell, he doesn't have a grasp of "common sense" so he's taking it out on you. Fun game ^_^


great fun game

Could do better...

Flaws: The jumps are not controllable. I like the costumes, but try to get as much gold as possible for them is uncanny. There should be a cheat called "Furious Cannon": goes through crabs, sharks, bats, lava balls, fireballs, etc. Also there should have been more soundtracks... a different setting (ocean, forest, lava, ect.) is for different music.

Nice Job, almost good. 3/5

poorly made

The cannons' power is just wrong. The guy doesn't go far enough, so it took me 10 tries just to figure out the right angle to get into another one. It would be a good idea to add in a power bar so that we could set the strength, and therefore the distance. Also remove spinning cannons, there's no point in them since you can still turn them, and even if you couldn't the wait would be pointless.The graphics are rather bad, it looks like you through them all together in about 15 minutes, spend a little longer on them.

Overall, it seems you just didn't spend enough time on this. 2 months? you've got to be joking.