Reviews for "CannonBlaster 3"

Really difficult

Really fun and difficult at times. Thnx.

Nice job

It's really fun and addictive, though you do fall down faster than you would think. Maybe you should add a tutorial level without penalty so people can get a feel for how the physics work? But other than that, it's really nice. Keep it up!


You took up 2 months of your time for this game well it was very good!!!! it presents a challenge especially to get all the gold metals

starBlinky responds:

thank you! I am so glad to hear people are enjoying it!! I am also VERY glad that the 2 months wasnt a waist ..


10 out of 10

Fun and adictive

Made me laugh!

I thought it was great! A little tricky but when I lose, instead of getting all angry (like I usually do) I just laugh! Because It's a fun, interesting and very cute game!
You get glitter from me! :)

starBlinky responds:

haha cool!! well I am very glad you are enjoying the game :D :D

PS: thx for the gitter :) :)