Reviews for "CannonBlaster 3"


Fun x 100 its a really good stand out game!!!

Made me laugh!

I thought it was great! A little tricky but when I lose, instead of getting all angry (like I usually do) I just laugh! Because It's a fun, interesting and very cute game!
You get glitter from me! :)

starBlinky responds:

haha cool!! well I am very glad you are enjoying the game :D :D

PS: thx for the gitter :) :)

10 out of 10

Fun and adictive


You took up 2 months of your time for this game well it was very good!!!! it presents a challenge especially to get all the gold metals

starBlinky responds:

thank you! I am so glad to hear people are enjoying it!! I am also VERY glad that the 2 months wasnt a waist ..


GREAT game!

Awesome game! DEFINITELY! Really, ignore HorrorOfHell, because he OBVIOUSLY isn't very good with thinking ahead spatially! Great game; very fun!