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The Cannabis Plant

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Hi, this is the preliminary setup for my Cannabis senior project, I'll be adding sections on medicinal marijuana and the Anslinger/DuPont/Hearst drive to prohibition. If anyone has some cool cannabis flash ideas send me a message.

BTW the song is Ganja Farmer by Marlon Asher

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Future here, your crusade was not a loss! the sweet stuff is in it's way to legal status in NYC and has already went into effect in Canada and Cali, (given it's still illegal on the federal level so you can still get busted by federal agents, even though Cannabis is entirely legal in your state, damn feds.) here's to a green future yall! (yes I said "yall" sue me y doncha).

ganja planter people call me the ganja farmer

very cool love it

Love it!

How informative!


wow dude this is great the animation is awesome the music is just "da bomb" i actually learned something about the industrial uses for sensi i think this is just amazing keep up the good work.

-(legalize it !)-

i fuckin love ganja!

yes i know it is burnt but dont act lke you dont love it either