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Reviews for "The Cannabis Plant"

I learned a lot

not sayin I smoke the stuff but knowing what I learned from that little flash you compiled on it, never been against it and it will stay that way

Very Informative

You may want to make sure you actually put a black backround behind the sinsemilla part though, because on the internet flash player, the auto default backround is white, I could see it with the black backround when downloaded, but it's good practice to just put a black rectangle on a lower layer as the auto backround is not necessarily seen by everyone. other than that, nice presentation. Also, nice choice of music man.

i fuckin love ganja!

yes i know it is burnt but dont act lke you dont love it either


wow dude this is great the animation is awesome the music is just "da bomb" i actually learned something about the industrial uses for sensi i think this is just amazing keep up the good work.

-(legalize it !)-

Love it!

How informative!