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Reviews for "The Cannabis Plant"


i love de ganja!
nice information
i think it needs a few real pictures and voice acting to read the little blips of information, you should also add multiple choice questions with positive answers for example:
how many Americans die of smoking marijuana yearly?
c)none <-----right answer!!! YAY

nice info

Great way of letting people know about the good things marijuana can give! Although it might have been better suited as an interactive flash, it still got the point across, yea? Nice music too. 420 ;)


nice made, i live in belgium next to holland and i am a regular visitor there of them finest coffeeshops and smartshops so if you need some info ask away :)

hello all

this is the best game ever

Very Informative

You may want to make sure you actually put a black backround behind the sinsemilla part though, because on the internet flash player, the auto default backround is white, I could see it with the black backround when downloaded, but it's good practice to just put a black rectangle on a lower layer as the auto backround is not necessarily seen by everyone. other than that, nice presentation. Also, nice choice of music man.