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These Pancakes Are Tiny

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Edit: Thanks so much to everybody for the amazing response to this thing. And thanks to Tom for the frontpage and awards. Newgrounds is the best. You guys are the best. Even though I don't comment on every review, I read every single one (sometimes more than once). You guys are the whiz shiz. True.

About four months ago, I got an overwhelming urge to make another animation. But instead of toiling away for days trying to write a superb script and craft the perfect plot, I sat down at my computer, opened up Word and started writing the first things that came to mind. After about a half hour of free writing, I had finished my script which entailed two brothers, a plate of pancakes and a whole lot of dirty words. I recorded and mixed all of the audio in the same day and was working on the animation by the next.

I put a whole lot of love (and hours) into this thing and it's the first animation I've done where I truly feel like it's my own. I hope you like it.

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dey better be big

I first saw this in 2008, and im watching it again in 2020. This homour is timeless. Still so good. Oh how I wish was it were 2008 all over again. 2020, fucking sucks!

But at least this flick still brings a smile and a chuckle, year after year.

This feels so new yet it's so old.

a timeless classice even now

This was kind of interesting

You have some good characters here and very smooth art here and the jokes are pretty funny too, some subtitles could be inserted for that extra feature but you have a decent little flick here, and I look forward to more.

You also may want to add some "SUBTITLES" in some areas of confusion with the sound of the voices, was not a big deal but subtitles would come in real hand in those lacking areas, so just another option to work on. But to elaberate more on subies, I must say they do bring in a nice feature and fill the flash with some quality, so it for sure would not hurt it. so anyways you have something decent here.