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Reviews for "These Pancakes Are Tiny"


... this going to seem harsh, so please don't hate me for it. I think that was, well, technically awesome, but lacking in the story department. Allow me to detail my analyses:

- Graphics were fantastic, topnotch stuff that's really, really good stuff! I mean, your drawings are detailed, interesting and pretty stylish and I really like your drawing style! Your backgrounds, in particular, have tons of details (something that so few animations have) and the lip-voice synching was among the very best I've seen.

Oh, and your animation is fluid and pertty much excellent (face animation is great and the large faces allow for some really expressionate faces). Overall, this is your strongest point in the movie by far, although I do have a slight criticism regarding the placement of the character's elbows and food on the table at the end of the animation (I doubt most people will notice it, however).

- Voice acting was pretty good, being quite expressive and well recorded, nice use of sound effects, aboce all the videogame sound effects, and the (sparse) music was ok. No real criticisms here.

- The story, well, that's where things get a little complicated. I imagine that you intended this to be a humorous piece, right? Well, that's the thing, I didn't really laugh, nor find it really that funny (I guess I did crack a smile). Maybe it's me and you'll receive accolades for the script of the movie, but it just seemed to lack substence and/or 'the funnies', making the movie feel slightly pointless.

On the other hand, I do have to give you a lot of credit on making something pretty original, which is something that should always be praised, above all in a place like NG.

So, overall, this is a movie that is excellent technically, with great animations and drawings, lots of polish overall, good sound work, but feels lacking in the story department, even if it does have a nice dose of originality. Nevertheless, kudos for a pretty good movie!

sexysexybicycle responds:

Great review man. Good points. The way I see it, humor is a funny thing. It's completely subjective and different for everyone. For this movie, I chose to focus on the characterization and relationship between these two brothers rather than set out to tell an epic story on some grand scale or write a bunch of Family Guyesque jokes. But it definitely isn't punchline funny. Instead of jokes, I tried to highlight and present the humor found in everyday life situations.

Thanks for the good review my friend.

more coffee please

This short but great, wasn't overtly over the top trying to be funny it was just 2 brother having an argument about pancakes. Absolutely flawless, and the waitress and the way he poured his own coffee superb good work man. You should consider making this a series.

Some of the best animation i have seen from NG

I find this incredible to watch, sure its not a laugh a minute, but it defeitly made me laugh. But more importantly the style and animation was amazing in my opinion, some of the best i have seen on this site. The kind of quality i'd expect to see on tv, especiall that car ride, the passing buildings had me pausing and zooming in, haha. Every expression was perfect and the backgrounds were just detailed enough to be amazing.
Seriously great job, this is going in my favourites.

sexysexybicycle responds:

Thanks man! I kinda regret that car ride scene though. It ended up making the rest of the movie lag, but oh well. I'm glad you liked it. Edds World is cool, BTW.


OMG the story is so normal it's funny....i was watching and i could SO relate to that, like my everyday boring life.....except for the dick fucking dicks and the asses.
amazing animation and voicing, the color job was uniquely awesome.
the subtle humor kept me smiling throughout the whole thing...keep it up and make more =D

sexysexybicycle responds:

Yeah, the dick fucking dicks and the asses are more of a special occasion thing. Maybe only on holidays.


I hate those waffle-house/ihop copies that try to make normal pancakes but instead give tiny, empty, worthless "pan-cup-cakes".

sexysexybicycle responds:

True that broseph.