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Max & Watch

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...short project starring Mr. Game & Watch and Myself, featuring music from the flatzone level in Brawl. If you only watch one cartoon that features a classic 80's video game character break-dancing this holiday season, make it this one!

This is dedicated to my friend Faye Mata.

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I love this!

This is amazing. So full of energy and well made. I love it.


Well this was kind of amusing I like the mix of jpeg and art it seems to work well, and the music choice here seems to really work well with this whole film, its very upbeat and flowed well. A decent little flash video you have here, the effort shows off well.

That one art style dancing character is amusing I could see you making more tunes with him and his dance like videos.


Cool Mr Game & Watch!

flatworld scene transalation...

*flips pan*
kids: yay, sausage!
*sees spider*
Mr.GandW: Ah, spider, my old nemesis!
*sees dog*
Mr.GandW: S'up dawg?
will write more someday!