Reviews for "Max & Watch"

This made me feel all warm and tingly inside...

wait nevermind it was just gas

Nice try hot shot..

i havent watched it yet but cause of that i give you grats


bietarnu i have to say you something game and watch dont come from smash bross he come from a litle console whos name is game and watch -_-


I have to say first off thank you! I was pretty sure nobody would even know who game and watch was from smash bro's let alone take the time to actually make some as awsome as this from his characters back ground. Secondly i have to say it was genius to actually use the old scenes and game types in the video and turn it into a retro 80's flashback. hope to see more of this kind of stuff from you and will be looking forward to it


Didnt now G&W could do moves like those in the end...