Reviews for "Max & Watch"


That was fantastic!

LOL Nice ( Blammed Comment ) LOL jk

This was like the first game I ever played and ryuhayabusa101 HotDiggedyDemon
is a Boy he says he is a Girl for fun as a joke and .....
Newgrounds deleted this comment he knows to much feel free to blam his art
- Tom Fulp
LOL jk But I do have art and H.D.D (Hot Diggedy Demon) is a Boy


this is awesome but are you a girl or a boy cause i remembered before you were a guy now your a girl?


I can tell you put a lot of work into this. I love it!

i have

i have 2 game and watches donkey kong 2 and mario bros and yes donkey knong is called donkey king 2 on it