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Exile Preliminary 3

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Oh brutal! Now that i'm drawing all of my characters, you can see that i have no idea what my characters look like, so i used the shirt colour trick haha.

Really cool how i started using frame by frame though, it was a big step for me and though I felt i didn't need tutorials to help me out, I did stick with it and that helped.

And cliffhanger at the end! Oh i never quit bhaha, those were so fun to make.

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I love how you combined middle age with high tech
I love it!!!! <3

Keep practicing

You realy improved since the first 1, but i thing you should try to improve some things. Mainly shadow/light effects, human anatomy, proportion and gender differences. You have some skill there and it would be a waste not use it. I suggest you find something to copy human positions, like a wooden doll (they are realy usefull sometimes!) Everything else made it worth my time ;)

RiverJordan responds:

Thanks sir! Yeah first i wanted to concentrate on learning FBF animation (since chapter 2) and after this one i've been working on my art alot. The series is only going uphill from here!


Your animation has improved a lot from the first video. Your sync with the lip's movement is really good too. I figure that's one of the tough parts of these vids, no?
Keep animating, I think this series has a lot of heart. Plus your sense of humor is great.

Fable the Lost Chapters(long review)

i'm really sorry, but hell this look just like that game(well in part one and 2)
first of, in fable the lost chapters, you are a boy who yes helps his dad and all that(same) and saw his parents die in front of his eyes(more same) and was taken in by the heroes' guild (more same but just the name is different) and then his first weapon given is a dam stick(EXADCTLY THE SAME)! and he has a friend he trains with till he grews up(same excepts its a girl and thats it) and all disctricts on this planet is seperated,AND heroes(royal guards) can have quests too.and the only different are is what happens AFTER the first part and there are buidlings, flying cars, a king, ect.

and one more thing, this is very confusing, you're buildings, cafeteria, elevators, even the dam food are like regular today, but your weapons and armor are dam swords and steel armor which is like 1400s? and then the dam flying cars which is like what time 2300????? you mixed dam time together and make it confusing, and ok, yes the fighting is a bit good, but could be better, i mean look up Sonic:Nazo Unleashed, the fighting in that is wayyy much better and yet he has less ratings than your stupid thing

RiverJordan responds:

Please write the review once, not on every chapter. It just makes you look like a dick.

Oh, Ray >-<

He cracks me up XD Your animation is still a little wierd, but you'll get better :3

RiverJordan responds:

Thanks :D Exile chapter 4 is already much better in terms of proportions and what not (i's been practicinz! :D)

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3.86 / 5.00

Dec 1, 2008
4:49 PM EST