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Planetoid - Original

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Author Comments

The idea has been bouncing around in my head for a little while, but I had always thought it would end differently.
But, unfortunately, the song was just a little bit to short, by about....twenty seconds :P

So this is my first submission, so please consider that when reviewing.
Sorry for the large file size, I just didn't hold back.

And sorry for the ending.

And reviews would be awesome ^.^

If you liked this one, be sure to watch the sequel.
link to your left.

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So nothing really dirty on this one all good and clean work, And it shows with each new scene that comes up, And I hope you do continue on that element, As this was a pleasure. This was pretty artistic and the "ANIMATION" was smooth and delightfull, this also really works with all the music and smooth animating and you seem to tell a story with this submission, so nice effort here. And that was that the ending was good as we do come to the ending of this and the submission I was more impressed with how you ended it so good job there and hope to see more of your interesting and entertaining work.

This was a great production of a flash, Here in this review I have been discussing the good and the bad, But to be honest I didnt find any bad but maybe continue on the story as it was interesting maybe in a mini form of mini flashes or something.


You have definitely improved with Chapter 4 since this flash.

This seems like more of an animatic than a finished product, though it still looks great and promising. It's clear you have a talent at storyboarding. It's rare that I see flash cartoons that have "camera work" as good as it is here.

A lot of the animation looked like it wasn't final. Try to avoid using thick outlines for things and try to avoid using bitmaps. They tend not to look good.

It looks like everyone's giving great tips below, so I don't think I need to repeat them... But, could you explain what the words at the end mean?

Fate responds:

I can't explain why I included them, but if you read them aloud, it translates as 'there's no place like home'.

Original, intriguing

This is the first thing of yours that I've watched, and I have to say you have a style all your own, assuming you keep that animation look throughout your work. It's a unique mix of 2D and 3D (or pseudo-3D; I'm not sure exactly what you're doin to make these).

Honestly, the actual look doesnt quite suit me; it's not artistic, its not comedic - there seems to be no reason behind it. The coloration, for example - the stars seem really simplistic as if you didn't put that much into them, whereas the ship and the planet used those bitmaps or whatever they were and had a lot of detail. Again, I don't know if you address anything like this in your later stuff, and moreover, clearly, a lot of people like it, though, so don't change it all because of me. And I like the actual story in there, has an interesting point despite being so short.

Anyways, even if it doesn't sit that well with me, it's still good work, better than most on NG. Keep it up, and good luck. (4/5, 7/10)

Fate responds:

I don't keep this style, for sure.
I like to think it grows into something even more unique.
And cleaner.

The stars, in the new version, took me forever to choose...

Highly amusing.

I liked how you made the overall design look, the tinfoil in the clouds and trees made the flash have a somewhat sci-fi look. The music gave it that futuristic feeling as well. The movement was kinda slow and some of it seemed like it was simply motion tweening, but I followed the story and it visually turns into something like a storybook, but that's probably just my reaction to it.

My favorite part was when the rocketship lifted off and the fire came out at the end, the flames looked extremely cool. I'll definately have to see the other episodes of this series if they were as neat as this one was. I liked the characters and how the movement of the frame was synced with the music too. Anyway, keep up the great work!

Fate responds:

Hey, thanks. Be sure to tell me what you thought of the further chapters.

Credits & Info

4.33 / 5.00

Nov 26, 2008
1:18 PM EST