Reviews for "Planetoid - Original"

Ah, very nice.

Loved the composition and the use of different textures such as aluminium foil and such for fillings. You were able to move around the story really well and some of the perspective work was impressive, even though it was probably a bitch to animate and work with.

Your choice of music went nicely with the animation; it was slightly surreal, yet portrayed that feeling of isolation and curiosity for things outside the immediate surroundings. How did you originally think that it was going to end, anyway? Just curious to know, because the ending did seem a little cut short. In my heart of hearts, I'm hoping he made it to the other planet just across the way, because I'm optimistic about that. Sequel mayhaps? Anyway, great work, got me hooked from the first few seconds. Unique style. Thumbs up.

Fate responds:

thanks a heap.
well...the original ending was that the rocket wasn't going to make it through the asteroid belt, and he bails out just as it gets destroyed, and he's floating towards the other planet, but it was only going to be real close.
and we seem him reaching out towards the planet, floating in space, on a trajectory that's narrowly missing it, and then the animation would have ended.
and it would've left you wondering whether or not he managed to grab something on the planet.
the credits would have rolled, and then, afterwards, it would've shown her hand holding his.

but since I left this opened, I didn't put in credits or anything.
so, yes, I've been busily working on the sequel.
it's a totally different style, and it's coming along really well.
I've managed to perfect 3d composition.
hopefully that isn't such a bad thing for the file size though ;P

good work

i loved the real life texture of things and it seemed a good choice of music
the story was cool and it had the 3d effects

10/10, 5/5

Fate responds:

Thanks a bunch


The graphics really spoke out to me and although a lot of people will think they arn't that great i loved them =). You capture the feeling perfectly! Awesome job on this! =).

Fate responds:

:O thanks.
I'll pretend that I wasn't expecting a review from you, though, I know for a fact, that I asked you to watch this in a drunken manor, but thank you anyway, for obliging.
I know many people won't agree with the graphics, unfortunately, but...I don't agree with them much either, so we'll see how that goes.
thanks for watching, and the review...and putting up with me while drunk, haha.

I love you

Wait i ment it... Oh shit.

Anyway this is simply stunning. when you first got in contact with me and i watched this i just sat in silence as a sign of respect. This is seriously good shit.


Fate responds:

Silence...from you?
that must mean something.
Thanks for the tenner, I'm going to get back to work on number 3.

So im watching this...

because i just saw ur 3rd episode in flash portal and it said to watch this one first and so i am. I dont normally do that, which is why im writing this review. Something told me to just watch the first one and im really glad i did. Instant biggest fan of yours right here. The graphics were interesting and the audio somehow meshed perfectly. Also i want to see in the upcoming episodes if "there's no place like home" is a running theme and how that progresses. look for my reviews if you feel like boosting ur ego with my praise lol

Fate responds:

I can't wait.
thanks for your words.
Hopefully the following movies don't let you down.