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Sonic VS Team Sonic part1

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Author Comments

This is my very first sprite movie. I know that there's no sound im still new at this. I'll try to have sound (and maybe buttons) in part 2(and part 2 will be much longer) Dont read the bottom until u've finished the movie(well I suppose u can read it, it's not a big spoiler)...

I know Sonic and Shadow's fight was really rushed I never intended on it being long. part 1 just a sample of what's yet to come, there'll be a much longer fight in part 2.

EDIT: Ok, thnx for the....mostly negative comments. I know it sucks it's my first try, I'm gonna add sound in the next one once(which is planned to be out in about a month or two) i get a better hang of things, and I dont care how better your first one was so dnt even bother trying to compare them. Now that I got that out of the way....I NEED HELP!!! Ok somebody needs to teach me how to use buttons so you don't have to speed read and I figured, who better to help me than the my critics? cuz all the tutorials I've used have been no help.

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it was good

Very entertaining

Yes, very entertaining. Plus, exciting. Keep up the wonderful work.

First flash?

Doesn't look like it.

Animation: 9/10 Really fluid, though some of the sprits were pretty awkward looking (Shadow when Sonic turned Super, Amy when she was about to hug Cream).
Graphics: 4/10 It's a sprite movie, so most of the graphics were ripped. However, you did create certain backgrounds yourself, and those were pretty lazy. In some places, the text was unreadable due to the dark background. Also, the background in the nightclub may cause seizures.
Audio: NA/10 It's better to have no audio than audio that takes away from the flash, but if you choose correct sound effects and fitting music, it will really add to the atmosphere of the flash.
Humor: 10/10 I laughed at the part with Amy and Cream, and at the end when Sonic made a joke and his boss flipped out.
Just wondering, how can you cut yourself with a hammer? :P

Suggestions: That was a pretty long flash, and if I had X'd out of it by accident, I would have had to rewatch the whole thing from the beginning. The text sped by or took too long to continue, so you might want to consider interactive text that progresses when you click on it or a button somewhere.

Overall: Entertaining and intriguing. I'm going to watch the next two now. 8/10, 4/5

Well it was a good start

you just need some things that needs to be added. You need to add a preloader, a main menu, a scene selection, music, sound effects, a replay button and make the texts speed readable, or have it when someone is done reading the text, they can either press space, or click on an arrow or something like that. You did a pretty good job with the story, the plot, the characters, and the cliffhanger. Also I don't think you can cut yourself with a mallet like the one Amy has. LOL, you made it look like Amy was being an emo. Cream, "OH NO, EMO ALERT!!!!!!" That was funny. Well I can't wait to see the next episode of this flash.

P.S. I don't know how to do that stuff, I'm just a critic. Sorry.


Ok it looks like you've got the potential for an interesting story going... at least I think so. The text speed was far too fast so I missed alot of the dialogue, and during "Sonic" and Shadow's fight I couldn't even read it because it blended into the background. You could've put a little more effort into your night club area too. And of course it needs sound, but you said you're working on that.

Credits & Info

3.37 / 5.00

Nov 24, 2008
8:15 PM EST