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The Legend of David 1

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The Legend of David : Ocarina of Doom - Chapter one : The Legend Begins

In the land of Hyrule, A man named David, is about to embark on his greatest adventure.


enjoy people (sound quality is a little low because of newgrounds 10mb limit, watch the good quality edition on our website)

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I wasn't impressed by the animation in this. I thought the cartoon was just okay. There wasn't anything that good about it. The funniest part was when they found Link's body. The Deku tree sounded like Dr. Claw. I could have sworn that was Frank Welker's voice.

I need to play the more recent games. Still, I understood most of the jokes. Oh yeah, just look at my avatar. This just wasn't for me. Other people liked it, though.

amazing man just amazing keep on doing what you're diong.

Was I the only one who wanted so madly to see Saria?

Its the little details that make your animation so unique and intresting

They need to make the original game like this 0_0