Dark Knight Interrogation

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I wanted this to be the Halloween submission, but that got delayed. I saw Tropic Thunder and the Dark Knight a while back and thought of this idea. I think the Interrogation scene in the Dark Knight is the best. So this is my take on the events that happened.


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where is dent?

We live in a society


A decent presentation, one that I can empathise with and see that its on the road to better things, some things can be Refined more and with more detail, but i really liked all the effort and all the work here, there was some points that could be much better but for the mostpart this was pretty entertaining. haha this was funny and very amusing the characters are pretty impressive aswell, I think this could use some subtitles but other then that this was pretty decent work. And here we are once again at the end of a decent flash I like how you are going with this one and it does seem like you are going in the right direction.

And so here in this little session of the review I like to get some ideas thrown your way, including some helpfull hints and tips, and they should help so here you are, go wild with them if you like. Maybe adding some subtitles with this one, I could also see this as a series of small flashes or something like that.


just2pale responds:

I hope I've improved somewhat since I uploaded this movie in 2008. :p Subtitles are always a plus, I just never thought of putting them in any of my animations. I may look into this.

Thank you for the review!

A little bit dragged out with the humor but otherwise pretty funny

just2pale responds:

I should have put mega man in it. :p

"Why do you wanna kill me?" "Who am I!?"

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4.36 / 5.00

Nov 7, 2008
4:50 AM EST