Reviews for "Dark Knight Interrogation"


egoraptors batman lol

I love when he shoots the people

I love this.

Holy sh*t you killed five ppl..

I love this and have loved it ever since I first saw it back in 08,but now a couple of days ago i watched the movie 'Batman: Under the red hood' where The Joker kills exactly five ppl who helped him get out of prison,and this flash just got so much funnier after that since The Joker says: "I mean holy sh*t you killed five people! Even to a guy like me,thats just cold.." xD
Anyway; Awesome,I love it!

The dark night...

With Solid Snake as Batman!

It had lots of potential

Sadly that potential was brought down by the script. It started out really good, but as it reached the middle it started getting progressively worse and worse. Animation was decent but looked more half-assed then anything.

Don't get me wrong I loved the first half and I laughed so hard when Batman smashed his head on the desk but most of the lines after that were taken directly from the movie itself.