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This animation is made in tvp paint. It´s all frame for frame work. I think it´s about 1500 frames. It was alot of work to color and draw it. This animation took me 8 weeks to make. It was alot of fun to make though, you learn alot about movement when you have to draw the figure over and over again.

(PS, something whent wrong with the loading bar and i can´t undo it)

Well enjoy!

(Woopie, daily feature and on the front page! I didn't expected that at all! Thanks everybody!)

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I think you did a very good job on this. It was a lot shorter than I expected and a bit silly, but it was good silly and no major flaws other than the loading bar (which I hadn't noticed until you pointed it out yourself) Keep it up!


loved it very well done cant wate for the next one of yore btil flashes

Brilliant! Excellent! Superb!

This was a wonderfully done flash which probably took a lot of time and effort. To be honest I was picturing the whole thing as a commercial for something. My only suggestion would have been that it may or may not have worked better with light background music. Dunno 'til you try... Either way, great work! Really look forward to more of your work.

sad but funny story

:) :happy :( :sad :{ : cry :] : laugh :{} : NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
da bear was walking hungrily :( / he found and ate a fish tin AND SPAT IT OUT AND IT HIT HIS HEAD! :] / he jumped on it craizily and used a knife to break it open...aaand it didn't work :) / he cried craizily :{ / a can opener fell on his head :) / he finelly opened it :) / a shark ate him :{}

Owned... XD

that bear got owned I don't get it :P

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4.53 / 5.00

Nov 4, 2008
9:11 AM EST