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Afraid of the Dark

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A boy can't seem to find peace as he tries to go to sleep. In every corner there is a shadow, and in every shadow, a monster.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I really wanted to make something that everybody could relate to, and the only situation I could think of was this. Coincidentally, the idea came before Halloween, so I ran with it. Well, it didn't come out as long as I expected (or wanted) it to, but it's not a big deal. I'm just glad that it is out in time.

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That brought back some bad memories.

I remember when i would see stuff but then i would actually feel my bed moving so i moved out of my old bed room. This was a great video and it made me think of my old fears so good job i really enjoyed this. Good Luck on your next project.

TheWanderingBard responds:

Nice; the funny thing is, I did the same thing! Only problem was, my new room turned out to be scarier than my old one!

Thanks for the luck and the review.


This reminds me of a fear I used to have of the boogeyman. I even swore I saw his head poke under my bed. Anyway that was a long time ago. And, beleive you me the excellent camera angles and the creepy music really brought back memorys of a fear that the boogeyman would drag me under the bed into his dimension and eat me. Way to go!

TheWanderingBard responds:

Consider yourself lucky; the boogeyman was nothing compared to some of the stuff that I swore was hanging around my room (laugh)(cringe).

Thanks for the review dude, and glad you liked it!

i remember when i was like 5

and i would have sworn that kinda shit really happened. i never got my parents, but it still freaked the shit outta me, ah good times, good times

TheWanderingBard responds:

Heh, yeah, I think we've all been there. Nothing like nostalgic memories of terrifying, sleepless nights, eh?

Action Bastard!

Just for having that I will give you a ten.

TheWanderingBard responds:

Ha ha ha! I was wondering when someone would mention him!

Very very nice!

Obviously some parallels to some actual childhood experiences. The story, music and animation (with the cuts and different angles) were nicely done.

I especially can relate to the clown.

Keep up the great work !


TheWanderingBard responds:

Thank you very much! It's nice to know that everything I learned about camera work actually payed off!

I had to have the clown in there. It was pretty much unanimous among everyone I talked too when it came to fears.