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My submission to the NG Halloween contest 2008, so please recommend it for me.

This is my third completed flash. I tried to make it scary, and hope I've accomplished that. Trying to scare someone through an animation is really difficult without sudden "jump" scenes. So this was a lot of fun to make. If you don't find it scary, I hope you enjoy it anyways. I highly suggest you watch it in the dark with the sound up. I like to work with sound in my animations more so than actually animating.

Anyways, please rate/comment. Don't just rate down my animation and not say why. I always like to read constructive criticism to improve off of.

Thank you for watching!

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why is it listed as a game?

in all honesty,

i don't think it was that scary...


Incredibly creepy considering it leans more toward cartoonish than realistic. Although I can't help but feel like it borrows a bit from recent horror movies like The Ring or The Grudge.

GAH! Creepers!

Scared the poo out of me! Well timed, sir.

that was really good dude

also congradulations on Daily 4th Place you've earned it Mike mah boy :D

M1K3-B responds:

Thanks man, means a lot.