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Adventures Of John Jumper

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It's a platforming game that looks like an 8-bit game. Press Up to jump, and left and right to move. If you need anymore information on how to play, read the instructions in the game. Ok, have fun! It took me about a week to make.

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This game is actully pretty fun for 8 bit!

Way to go...

like Mario. Graphics are killer. Nice Retro feel. Some things need polishing up but overall, excellent addiction........vp

A fun platformer!

I had fun with this game.

It was a fun, 8-bit style platformer. The only two problems I had with it were the music, which was a tad annoying, and some of the gameplay had issues. For example, when standing on a moving platform the platform should move the player with it. Instead, you had to walk to stay on the platform. I also found it a tad frustrating at times to land on a platform only to find that the first inch or two on the platform will drop me through an invisible barrier. However, when it works, it works and its an old school platformer and retains the simple, but challenging fun of those games.

Not bad, not bad!

has the makings of a good platformer but...

Two things really stuck out that hurt the overall playability of this game. The first problem was the music which was not that great in the first place but what really made it unbearable was the poor attempt at looping; it really drove me crazy after awhile. The second and biggest flaw was the jumping and a platforer thrives on controls. To be more specific, the jumping feels really picky. You have to hold up from the start of a jump to the end to get a decent distance and in most cases be right at the edge of the platform to get to the next. With these few fixes in mind, i think this game would alot better.


Died twenty times on the first level and gave up. I know I'm not the world's best gamer but that's still an awful steep learning curve.