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Reviews for "Adventures Of John Jumper"


Seriously, I liked it. It's not amazing, but it's OK. The controls are a lot better then some other games I've played, but the game is too glitchy, and I got bored after a while.


Decent attempt, but the game is buggy, and not the "physics" you'd expect from a 2-d scrolling jumper. Level 3's moving platform doesn't move your character, and while I can deal with that, the trampoline doesn't move your character either, so if you're standing on it at the low end of it's travel path and don't jump when it goes up, you glitch through the trampoline and fall to your cloudy doom. Music's great though.

Glitch impossible

the 4th level is impossible and THERE IS A MAJOR GLITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!

please fix the Glitch if you do i will give it a 7 stars


very glitchy.
you should fix the bugs, like making him go with the moving platform.
plus the flipping throws you off and is pretty much screwed

nice style though. 6/10