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Where ISN'T my mind?

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I don't have much to say for this, just I liked the song so I animated to it and just experimented..
It was also to practice my syncing skills.

Music by the String Quartet, cover of the Pixies song "Where is my Mind".


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More surrealism from a great surrealist

I felt like I fell asleep during some orchestra recital, and drifted off to this beautiful, abstract dream...

Great work, my friend.


Very nice concept and you for the most part delivered

Liked the animation, every part of the song having a movement, and adding the lyrics was pretty cool as well.

The song was quite cool too, the main part of the movie.

Overall it was perfect. only disappointing thing was that it was way too short. The whole song would've made it perfect.

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Very short

I can certainly see where you're coming from with making the musical notes sound like the singing and using the subtitles to get it working nicely. Other than that, I think that you're slightly missing the point, as it's way too short to really mean anything.

The animation looks quite simplistic, which is a shame, as it was getting reasonably effective, until I saw how short the piece was.

If you expand upon the start of this hypothesis of a flash, you'll have a really good piece, which would impress lots of people, I'm sure.

[Review Request Club]

that's it?

Visuals: well drawn and animated, simple and set up a good build for more of the same

Audio: nice classical selection, lent itself really well to the simple them you set up here, it needed to be longer, the way it is now feels unsatisfying, and it cuts off harshly at the end

Overall: definitely add more to this, but as this was only an experimentation you succeeded in that light, you should really carry on into another flash with this theme, everything was well done, and I really enjoyed it

.:Review Request Club:.


The build up is pretty nice, but I was expecting a bit more than just some moving dots and lines.

The music was pretty nice and the lyrics at the bottom where quite funny.

However, the whole flash seems to be unfinished. It just stops at the end. It's highly unsatisfying.

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4.03 / 5.00

Oct 4, 2008
2:38 PM EDT
Music Video