Punch Tom Out

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Some people have reported a glitch that disables the controls. If this ever happens, simply pause/unpause the game (P), it should fix itself. I'll work on fixing it on my end!

P to pause ( once game starts )
Q to toggle quality ( once game starts )

Thanks to Tom for supplying his own voice even though he has a lot of things to do before going to Japan :D
And MissingNYC for the extra voices.



.. Excellent work here. WOw like really it better then some of those old school fight night games, you managed to keep it simple enough to be fun but smooth never to more then enjoyable. great job, wish you had a super move to against tom or his friends.. damm posion fists

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Fun, challenging and it gets your blood pumping.

Graphics are nice (Of course they are, your tom its what i expect.)
Fun gameplay (Realistic boxing matches)
And last but not least, very interesting battles. (Lol at the castle crashers power up)

My computer lagged a bit Damn my 4 year old pc!

The game is actually awesome.
Controls were quite simple.
Left jab=left arrow
Right jab= right arrow
Haymakers have the same configure all you have to do is hold shift first.
It was a much funner than beating up Kevin Fed. game despite that being the greatest feeling ever. I would play it more, but my pc's keyboard gets all lagged up and "sticks" when I hold a button to long when messing with flashes.
I hate the Castle Crashers now...but I beat the game somehow.
GREAT JOB, Much love to you and Tom...<3

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so fun

i beat him my first time on hard

Better than Mike Tysons Punch Out!

Seriously this game is just to awesome. One on each time you beat em down,almost, theres a new challenge than just beating him up. Then after i completely the "Do these moves in this order" challenge i comenced to just beating him up again. Not only was it hard to keep him down, but when i finally knocked him out i had to litterally pick the keyboard and jam Caps lock and + so fast my arms hurt a little, and that was on easy!

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3.98 / 5.00

Sep 30, 2008
9:53 PM EDT
Sports - Boxing