Reviews for "Punch Tom Out"

Its ok guys and gals

Tom Fulp Loves Punch up Games and it was so hard to beat him even on easy , i think this creator did well and he even showed tom respect by not making him a wuss in this game because remember this game has gone global anyone can play it

This Game Is So Hard that i think it should be given Newgrounds Achievable Medals

Very Fun

good if you mad at Tom or if you feel like a douche punch his face in for no reason at all (thats what i did >:3)

Funny Game xD

Nice Game :P. Kick your ass Tom ¬¬. xD

A Darn Solid Game

The controls are a bit odd, but they work well in this game. Tom's evolving attacks helps keep things interesting, and the graphics and sounds are perfect. However, the game is very short, and the final attack phase, in which you have to follow the commands, is a bit of a let down. A good game nonetheless.


you have a point legopico, but if Tom stayed and supplied his voice, he would know what it was for, right? Still, I feel as if this is being a little mean to Tom Fulp, the creator of the Best Website in my book. No hard feelings Tom.