Reviews for "Punch Tom Out"

Not that hard

I thought this game was really fun and it wasnt that hard but it does get a bit hard after you knock him down once and he gets CC help. But still really fun.


Considering the views a lotta ppl wanna knock tom out lol

Pretty entertaining

Some punch variations are a bit hard to pull off, as your movements are not very fast. Moving from one block to a jab takes considerably time.
Other than that, a very well made game.
For those that are losing life when punching him: Pay attention to what some effects are in the game.


heh......lol I beat tom up i love this game but its kinda hard!

the f

i clicked so hard my fingers turned red
and are sore
and i did my frekaing best
an dit wouldnt keep him down
keeping him downi s to hard
ive done my bast on all other games with tap left right thing id got it but this WTF?
good anyways