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Madness Resurrection T

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This is just the trailer it's exclusive released on Madness Day 08. I thought why not release a trailer and let yall know what you think about it. NOTE: A really good thing about this trailer, Is that I like that all off the music was greatly synchronized whit the Trailer.

Hope Yall like it Happy Madness Day!
Peace Out!

I just ask for one more thing:
Recommend my movie for Madness Day 08 collection

-[Update 1] 23/9-08
Tnx for adding my Madness trialer to the MD-08 colletion.
I'm So glad that mostley all off yall like this trialer soo mutch that I'm gonna stick now to what I promise! I thank yall yet agien!

-[Update 2!!] 29/9-08
Sup yall I just wanna thank yall for voting soo mutch on my Trialer I know that some are aking and telling me that the trialer are a bit fast but Sorry guy's! I can't make the clips a bit slower cuzz then the movie/ trialer whon't be fully synchronized whit the music.

-[Update 3!!!] 2/11-08
Ok, Ok! I have tought abd know about some complains I have got. About the film being to short and that. But I got news for Yall! I'm I was under presure that day when I posted it! Ok And now the trialer do not fit/ are the same as the my project. Witch means that mostley of the trialer need to redone. So I have to make a new trailer and show Yall how it would really look like. But I don't know If I should post it here........Some might H8 it : \

-[A Really Late Update] 9/12-09
I know some don't like the trailer or aren't that "impressed" whit it so if ur one of them then read this:
I'm not that much proud off my trailer anymore "/ I have become much more better now whit the details and effect's and so on I have study for the past months in Flash and other programs as well once I can figure out a way to make the hole flash 0% laggy kinda then have I achieved one of my goal. So now I'm just payin' around.

Stay tuned and go to my page to look for uppdates! see yall!

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Has the full movie been finished?


its retarded and good at the same time but your pretty gay to take so long to make one fuccking movie


Like the new hank but plz make the movie <:D

Vel0x responds:

Not hank -.- hahahah but he is a new character named Jace ;P already working on it Bro ;D

cool but....

its kind of short but It was pretty cool.

Vel0x responds:

Yeah your right but my PC stared to work to day I'm happy but check my page for updates :P don't forget to read the authors comment above