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A new clock!

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Author Comments

Hope u like and plz leave a review.
Thanks to "the gs" for making the icon.

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I liked the drawings and the animation was good. I noticed all the detailed movement the skater clock performed, and the kickflip was awesome. However, this animation is short and rather meaningless. I was disappointed when I realized that the skater clock wasn't going to perform any tricks in the half-pipe he just stood there to get something heavy dropped on himself.

[Review Request Club]

sistem69 responds:

lol i know. but maybe next clock day.


It made me smile. Nothing more, but nothing less. The animations looked quite fluent and I liked that you put in some sounds here.

I also liked the "Monty Python"-ish weight that dropped on the Clock.

However, you should put in a bit more effort into your drawings. It's not that your drawings look bad, it's just that everything seems to be so "sterile".
There's nothing in the backgrounds. Just a plain wall or a bright blue sky. You can easily improve the backgrounds, if you add some graffiti to the wall or a few clouds to the sky. This can easily be done but improves your flash quite a lot.

{ Review Request Club }

sistem69 responds:

ok thanks for the tips.

simple and clean

Visuals: nothing too complicated but consistently well drawn throughout the movie, good for a up and comer

Audio: again simple ,but they went in the right places and were of a decent quality

Overall: well put together, somewhat short, but compared to the majority of clock day submissions it's deserving of it's score

.:Review Request Club:.

sistem69 responds:

Thanks for the review.

It's a start

There are a few bits and pieces that you have performed well - the basics of the animation are straightforward and you've added the sounds of the skateboard well enough to the production.

The only problem is that it's really too short - he does a couple of skate jumps and then gets a large weight dropped on him. You didn't even change the appearance of the clock - just flattened it a little. Why not do some sort of crack down the glass of the face and maybe have a bent hand, to make it look more broken?

[Review Request Club]

sistem69 responds:

As i said i did it in very litle time and fucused more in the animation thanks for the review.

Ha, gave me a little laugh.

What a 8/10? How is that possible? Oh yeah, it's a clock day flash! Free high scores and 5 to go around right? Haha.

Animation - It's not spam like most clock day submissions. It has a hell of a lot better animation then any of my clock day flashes also. On a regular submission though I wouldn't be so happy about the animation for one reason. It's very simple. yes everything was smooth and I didn't really see any glitches, but it wasn't absolutely fun to watch or anything.

Story - A clock day submission with a plot? Amazing! Ha, I have to admit that I didn't think it was going to be too great. Even when the weight fell on him I was thinking that it wasn't going to be any good, but with that last message and when I put two and two together with the title of the submission it gave me a nice small laugh. Great simple humor in my opinion so great job here. Maybe work on getting just a tad bit better background in your future submissions. That would probably help a little.

Audio - The sound effects went well with the submission, but I think you could of maybe added some nice background music. That would of probably helped the score of your flash by just a little.

Overall - A mediocre flash at best, but it is a clock day submission and just like any other clock day submission should be treated with respect, of course unless it breaks some sort of rules. And of course this is only my personal opinion on the matter. Should we expect future clock day submissions from you?


~ Review Request Club ~

sistem69 responds:

yes future better and maybe a prize in an animation of mine cuz i did this in like 20 minutes.

Credits & Info

3.19 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2008
3:53 PM EDT