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Reviews for "A new clock!"

Ha, gave me a little laugh.

What a 8/10? How is that possible? Oh yeah, it's a clock day flash! Free high scores and 5 to go around right? Haha.

Animation - It's not spam like most clock day submissions. It has a hell of a lot better animation then any of my clock day flashes also. On a regular submission though I wouldn't be so happy about the animation for one reason. It's very simple. yes everything was smooth and I didn't really see any glitches, but it wasn't absolutely fun to watch or anything.

Story - A clock day submission with a plot? Amazing! Ha, I have to admit that I didn't think it was going to be too great. Even when the weight fell on him I was thinking that it wasn't going to be any good, but with that last message and when I put two and two together with the title of the submission it gave me a nice small laugh. Great simple humor in my opinion so great job here. Maybe work on getting just a tad bit better background in your future submissions. That would probably help a little.

Audio - The sound effects went well with the submission, but I think you could of maybe added some nice background music. That would of probably helped the score of your flash by just a little.

Overall - A mediocre flash at best, but it is a clock day submission and just like any other clock day submission should be treated with respect, of course unless it breaks some sort of rules. And of course this is only my personal opinion on the matter. Should we expect future clock day submissions from you?


~ Review Request Club ~

sistem69 responds:

yes future better and maybe a prize in an animation of mine cuz i did this in like 20 minutes.

Decent, But short.

Good on you for making a mature Clock day flash :P

Pros: The Animation was very smooth, I did not see any frame skipping, and the sound was very well in sync with what was happening in the movie.

Cons: The Movie was barely 25 seconds long and many people wouldn't bother reviewing or even voting on such a short flash, but that is why i'm here isn't it :P The Weight load falling on the clock was fairly unoriginal and right as it landed the weight moved fast to the left.

Overall, it was good but you need to make your flashes longer and you need to spend more time on them, I'm guessing you quickly conjured up something fast for clock day :P Keep practicing.

>Review Request Club<

sistem69 responds:

Ill keep trying thanks.

Decent for a clock dy flash

Not the greatest clock day flash, it was very short but I don't blame you as there were many worse entries.

The animation was very clean and smooth and the sounds were in-sync. The grpahics were simple yet effective. You could improve them to give the movie more depth.

So yeah this wasn't bad at all.

Review Request Club

sistem69 responds:

Thanks for the review.

Neat :D

I liked the idea very much, but the movie itself was quite short.

You also need to improve the graphics, for example add some shade.

The sound effects were fine, but at the end of the flash, it would be nice to add some background music, or a voice-over.

Finally, improve the replay menu, as it is a bit bland.

Anyhoo, good luck with all our future work, and I'm sure you could get some really good flashes on this site if you carry on with this :).

From the Review Request Club

sistem69 responds:

Thanks ill follow ur advices.

Happy Clockday

Okay, i am gonna vote 5 on this just for the simple fact its a clock day movie and i love the clock crew and thier many lolful shenanigans. A score of 3.55 is very good for this flash, as if it wasnt clock day when you submitted it i have a feeling that it would of gotten a much lower score. But it WAS Clockday so <3.

Graphically it was ok, not great, the backgrounds were pretty plain and the characters were too, and the scene with the weight of many many tons the weight looked a bit off, like it was at the wrong angle or something, oh well. The colours used were nice and bright which is good, but honestly for such a short flash you could of improved the look of it by so much, but procrastination and laziness can often control many a flash artist so dont worry about it. :D

The animation was actually very good, nice and smooth throughout the entire flash so you should be very happy with that, the sound was good too, nice and clear, good choice of sound effects too, but some music would of been nice. Nevermind though.

Overall it was alright, on a normal day its okay, on Clockday its fantastic, so i have to say well done and a Happy Clockday, and the sight of that preloader makes me tingle in my pants. ^_~


sistem69 responds:

Thanks. Im glad u liked.