The Cloaked Warrior chap1

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The Legend of the Divine Warriors;
The Cloaked Warrior
Chapter 1

A young man born in a land of peace, wisdom, advanced technology, and wizardry, feels somehow unsatisfied. So he sets out across the land in search of adventure and conflict, lead foreword by strange dreams of a white temple in the mist and a battle raging somewhere far away.

It took me far longer than predicted to finish this, about half a year, though I've got a few other projects going. This is the first episode of my series. It's about fantasy, adventure, hidden technology... it's cool, it's based on a book I'm writing. Hope you enjoy it.

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emo poem

emo poem put to flash, more or less,

ZackZwiebel responds:

My last flash could also be considered somewhat emo, at least this one is also poetic. But thanks, I appreciate your opinion.

Sry, only 4

Don't get me wrong, I just don't like your style... It's so lifeless :/
Eyes, lips, whole body looked odd... Lipsync looked weird too.
Animation wasn't bad at all, but story was just another "blah blah blah".

4 for effort... Seriously, try harder next time.

ZackZwiebel responds:

It's probably rather lifeless because of my fairly limited animation skills, I've admittedly avoided animation in places, moving around still images to save time. But I intend to work on my style and animation skill.


I enjoyed it

Wow :D

I can see that A LOT of effort was put into this flash. the graphics are good, the storyline is interesting, and the music is also good. one thing i think you should work on is the voices, im not saying they're bad but maybe you could tone down the empty sound in the background, and make the voices more...interesting, more into it, if you know what i mean.

overall good job. im voting 5 to save this flash.

ZackZwiebel responds:

Thanks. I plan to improve the voices in future episodes and get a better mic, the built in mic on my computer doesn't sound to clear. (There's a buzzing machine in my basement probably creating the 'empty sound'. Otherwise it's usually the quietest room, but I'll find a better place.)

Not bad

Few things though, you put too much on the mouth's and the Voice for the Main Character had no emotion, it sounded like he was reading off a paper and not paying attention to anything.

The story is great, and makes me want to watch the next one. You also did very good graphics wise.

Clean up the arms, work on the Mouths, and fix the voices, and this could be a great flash!

Overall, a 4/5 and 8/10 =)

ZackZwiebel responds:

Thanks for the helpful comments. Also responding to the others who brought this up: my voice acting needs work, all I can say is it'll improve with time.

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3.80 / 5.00

Aug 10, 2008
6:37 PM EDT
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