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Don't Deport Me Scotty

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See what happens when a permanent member of a popular space crew finds his status is in question. In any galaxy, when we deny due process and human rights to some, we put all of our freedoms at risk.

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I love the political message, it has only gotten more topical with time, and I love the comedy, Kirk nearly brought me to tears by the end.

good message BUT

The only reason illegal immigration is a problem is because socialists insist on having a 'complete life' nanny state... Once again, altruism is the root of all SNAFUs.

that was interesting

actually an interesting way to inform people about parts of life i guess so 9/10 and 4/5 cause it was okay not that funny though

A good mix..

A message well combined with comdey it was great.

Great animation, terrible story.

The animation in this video is great, and is something to be proud of, but the story line of being against deporting illegal immigrants is terrible.

I have nothing against legal immigrants, but the illegals that come in, take away jobs from American Citizens, pay no taxes, and yet mooch off of the welfare system are not to be sympathized with, period.

If you want to become an American resident, do so through the proper legal channels, and do not come here just to fleece the American Taxpayer by sucking up taxpayer funded medical care and welfare programs.

If an illegal alien is caught, then they should receive proper punsihment, not this liberal "catch and release" program now in effect.

BadMonkeyStudios responds:

There's is no mention of illegal immigration in this video.

Spock has a green card.

You need to pay attention to the things you comment on.