Tales of the Oak Sage ep1

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a short pilot so to speak of what could be of this series... the oak sage a friendly msytical creature who finds some unlikley items..well.. i dont wana spoil the story.. anyways if you like the toon please visit

www.talesoftheoaksage.muu x.org

and encourage me to continue

music from http://8bitcollective.com /

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sexy sexy bicycle said it all

This left me feeling good.

You didn't have a whole lot of sound- You had the airship passing by nicely though. The music was good. If you wrote it yourself it was great- If it's from a video game it's good. The surprising thing was how well it fit though, the music I mean. If I were to guess I'd say it was an "underwater level" sound. But you were able to blend it well with the environment. But, I would strongly recommend continuing the midi soundtrack. But, use original stuff.

I love the Oak Sage itself... It's eerie and very cozy at the same time. Hard to describe.
Your backgrounds are very well done. Your animation is a little-- clunky. Soften it up a tad. Use a bit more detail in actions. I noticed a hand changing from a reach to a grabbed position instantly. But, it's all very well done though.

As for plot and story... Well, there is none... yet. I know you're building to it, but this left me high and dry. Okay he found some "magic pebbles." Big whoop. You ended it abruptly too. You built up to a dramatic punch and then ended it. If you had at least let the sage go into the house or knock on the door and ended it it would have been a tad more acceptable.

Past that... Ship shape. Look forward to more.

3/5 6/10. No more dramtic drop-offs.

Whoa, promising!

I definitely see a lot of potential in this. The art style is great, and the music shockingly fits VERY well with it. I hope you continue to use the 8-bit style in the next episodes!

The only complaint I have is that the animation seems a little rushed at times. For example, you used a lot of motion tweens in places where it would've looked much better if you did it by hand(for example, the sage's walking animation, and the part where he tilts the bag upside down to get the stones, etc).

For a first in the series, though, it's great! I can't wait to see the next one! :D


Really that really was a creative land you thought up... i mean the things we think. I mean its amazing. I mean this stuff that we think is Amazing but we don't get it. Like this "strange stuff" , like brakenwood ... I mean its amazing.. I can't even describe creativity. Nice work man.

oaksage responds:

thanks man .. just wait for the next one ... im gona try 2 step it all up 2 fold :)

Strange... but excellent

Looks like you haven't been doing animation for very long and this is very good for a beginner. You should add a some kind of a story to your animations and more FBF animation.
The music was very weird for an animation like this. Forgive me for being a 90's gamer but it made the whole animation feel like an intro for a more or less crappy video game.
Also, I liked the character walking around the forest. You should make some more characters like that and animate them to the upcoming series.

Good luck with animating man, looking forward to seeing you on the front page!

Strange but good..

..you know what?
l really liked it, but this flash has no story, no meaning...if you added those two features it would be even better...the music was very good, l liked the mix of old videogame music with...uhm...forest music and the animation was good, and so is the general theme...

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Aug 7, 2008
2:21 AM EDT
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