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Hello People, I was experimenting with the 3D Studio and this are some angles of the character that im going to use in the animation

1st if you think that this must be un Youtube, **** you!!
I dont like the image quality there and i like more NG

I made 8 different poses, just choose one and drag it with the mouse

"I want to know what are the one that you liked most"


UPDATE: Interested in the rotation code? here is the link where i found it:
http://www.communitymx.co m/content/article.cfm?pag e=3&cid=8F0CA
by David Stiller

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haha looks like 3d

damn cool


you defenitly have a future in making an animation from this. Have you also thought of selling this model to a game company? Cause I think this might fit well in halo or metroid.

I liked the kick, slice and rage beam best. But all were impressive!


you sunumubitch! I AM IMPRESSED!! you know you're like a pro now!
seriously the talent you see in todays artist is .. intimidating
keep rising that bar, even michael-neme-angelo will never reach .. ok im exaggerating but I know you wouldnt mind ;D
have a good day you

Incredibly incredible!

Those are some awesome models you've got there, very impressive, I mostly liked the slicing one and the rage beam, the others are very catchy too. With characters such as theese you have no chance to fail, so keep it up, man.

Osuka responds:

Thanks a lot dude, also i need to practice more :)

Impressive stuff mate!

I could imagien this character in a metroid game, but it started to look more original!
As soon as I rotated the Rage beam, I was surprised! The Big white explosion is nice to look at :D ! It's my favorite. Epic feeling.
The slice and kick were also cool because it felt "moving".
It's also interesting to see all the lightsources balls you used on the ground reflection.
Chibi = lol

keep up the good work mate! : )

Osuka responds:

thanks dude, i hope to start making the animations sequence soon ^^