Reviews for "Hamal 3D Gallery"

Awesome art

when you submit a flash project which most of you havent even though you complain everyone elses flash sucks
the two options you get to submit are
movie or game/interactive
interactive being exactly what was brilliantly displayed here
so how bout you buy a copy of flash and 3d studio max go have yourself a session and see if you can come out with something half as good as what has just been done here and if you can Ill give you props for going round complaining
and giving zeros to future animatic geniuses

Osuka responds:

thanks for that comment due, i keep it in mind :D

I'm emerald with envy.

That's fantastic. I'm not really that knowledgable about 3D rendering and designing, but I've seen a few examples of things along the same lines as yours, and I'm really impressed with what you've done. The lighting and the positioning is perfect and the metallic tones give a great effect to the whole thing. I loved the rage beam and the slice designs, they're wonderful. Rage beam, because of the appearance of the beam itself (it could be right out of an apocalypse) and Slice because of the trailing red behind the blade.
10/10, 5/5.

And yes, those who keep voting low because they aren't aware of the Interactive qualities of this are really missing the whole point.

Osuka responds:

thanks dude, i really hate to make the lights, i think that is the hardest part of the 3d
glad that you liked the metallic tones, is my favorite material

the metal rulzzz


for me a think rage beam and slice are the best it would be awesome if you make these into an animation video heck it would be awesome if you could make a vid and a playable game but cant waot to see these in an animation vid good work


you sunumubitch! I AM IMPRESSED!! you know you're like a pro now!
seriously the talent you see in todays artist is .. intimidating
keep rising that bar, even michael-neme-angelo will never reach .. ok im exaggerating but I know you wouldnt mind ;D
have a good day you


you defenitly have a future in making an animation from this. Have you also thought of selling this model to a game company? Cause I think this might fit well in halo or metroid.

I liked the kick, slice and rage beam best. But all were impressive!