Reviews for "Hamal 3D Gallery"


Simply amazing this tis truly amasing art instant 10 graghics were beutiful.

Osuka responds:

thanks dude :D

fucking awesome!

This looks amazing! I liked all the pictures but I loved the one of him disemboweling the one guy with that vicious kick. Can't wait to see the actual animation.

Osuka responds:

i need to learn how to make particles, because i want to make a good bloodbath :D

Very Cool

At first i thought it was a game it would be even more cool if you made it game outta it looks very good i personally like the twin swords and the flail and lets not forget the beam must never forget that ahh i like all of em haha good work!

your drawings are awesome

5-10 these characters look awesome i so want to see them in a game dude

Osuka responds:

maybe i will make the animation like a game trailer, i think that would be awesome :3


Ahm i see, its great one...good use of 3D's Max..I believe there will be game with ur characters ;)

Osuka responds:

nah, gaming production here in my country?? thats really difficult
but maybe i can make something like a game trailer with this character