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Please read before you play or while loading:
This is a mouse avoider type game, if you dont like them, then dont play. I understand that you can cheat in this game. Please dont write reviews and tell other people how to cheat. Cheat if you want to, but be warned, its not going to make the game much fun. And dont complain about the cheating unless you can provide me with a solution to it.

Now for the actual commentary:
This is the first flash game I've made and its taken me AGES to complete. The first few levels are pretty average looking. Do yourself a favour and actually play the whole game. If people like this game, then i may create a second one later on. So on your reviews please leave constructive feed back and tell me how to improve this game, new level designs and other things like that. If you dislike this game, please tell me why, otherwise i'll completely ignore your comment.

Enjoy the game! THANKS NEWGROUNDS!

p.s. The credits is an actual level

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nice game,4 stars only because it is so short.Please make more of this type of game in the future.


Really fun, like the humour, and couldn't get past the earthquake level (even with cheating 0=] ) + Great music!

As fitting as the music is, it gets very annoying to have it cut off suddenly and start again every time you die, so in future please add the option to mute it.
And if, like me, someone keeps dying again and again, the 2-3 second wait before you can start the level again gets quite frustrating. So maybe have the title slide show up when you first try it, and then afterwards go straight back to the "put mouse here" slide whenever you click restart.

Otherwise, fantastic job!

username0hi0 responds:

Thanks, for your review :) really appreciate it.
I don't think I'll ever have the time to ever make another one. And i dont think I have the actionscript knowledge to do what you've suggested. But if I ever do make another one, i'll keep your thoughts in mind.

I've got one PRECIOUS advice.

Well, the game idea was pretty new!
I liked the you mixed between the CPU mouse & the real one.
But the game needs much more work on SCRIPTS. Heh, I think you're getting confused :S
Man it was SO EASY to get to LEVEL 12 in less than 7 minutes thanks to the mouse wheel. Anyone could use it to get over some levels.However, it helps vertical movement!
I think you got the idea. NOW GIVE ME My 1.000.000$ :P

Good 'ol Game :D

Mah friendeh...Nice 1 =)

HAHA great concept!

I wouldn't be surprised if this game concept gets imitated its frikin fantastic! some levels were beyond difficult mmmm the drain one the water runs way too fast, the stay on the platform one gets one your nerves due to you losing on the last obstacles and lastly the laser one...... makes your eyes water!! well you know what I'm talking about :)

thumbs up

username0hi0 responds:

Thanks i'm glad you enjoyed it :), It's holidays again for me at the moment and i'm thinking of making a new one