Mountain Top

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Ever wonder what is at the top of a moutain peak? A young goat finds out first hand.


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It looks good, but the plane eating a goat scene wasn't good.

That was quite good. I admit to being confused as to how the goat never shows damage. You'd think he'd at least do THAT! I really liked how cartoonish this was. It was great to see all this zaniness. My favorite was probably the second part.

I like the idea of an airplane being sentient. I did feel bad for this goat. Well again, he showed no damage. Some of the animation was cheesy, but it was still fun. I can appreciate goofy stuff like this.

Hoof vs Plane..

The eternal battle doth rage! Seriously though, the idea's pretty cute but it just isn't all that damned funny.

I don't know why you're getting bad reviews...

I thought it was a fairly well-done animation. Had an old school Roadrunner/Tom & Jerry feel to it. I guess this is just too young of a generation to admire that style. 4 stars for bring back the nostalgia.

not bad

i know its always awesome to have front page, i want it one day, but something like this doesn't need front page, its not incredibly well animated and its not incredibly humorous.

Something that takes a lot more time to make should make it on front page.
sorry if this offends you but thats just how i feel.

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3.48 / 5.00

Jul 13, 2008
12:09 PM EDT
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