Jenga Throwdown

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Hi everyone!
Here is a simple animation about the art of (cheating at) Jenga.
Enjoy! :D

Don't miss the outtake of the intro in the end credits. :)


rofl my eggo man

the title says it all...

Room for improvement.

There is a lot of potential but the jokes just dont work properly as the voice is not motivated enought. with more credible voices i woul have given 10 points.

You know I rock the Jenga!

That was very cool, nicely animated. I like how you do the mouths, and the way you design your characters is pretty neat. I'd recommend maybe a little more movement in your next one, they seemed pretty static, almost like pictures. Other than that good work, and good characters. I like forward to your next one.

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its-coopz responds:

Can do, Jimtopia!
My next animation will have more motion. :)
And thank you so much for your compliments!
Glad you liked it. :D


That was good, that one dude was a total freakin noob! So annoying!

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its-coopz responds:

haha!! thanks, man.
yeah, he's a serious noob. ;P

awesome fucking awesome LOLZLOZLOZ

i liked the outtake at the end. the reviewer below is right it does remind me of the fairly oddparents. Great job keep it up, player.

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its-coopz responds:

barry the effing AXE master?! no WAY!!
thanks so much! :)
fairly oddparents? sweet!
and haha, thanks, i -will- keep it up, gangsta. :P

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4.32 / 5.00

Jul 11, 2008
6:27 AM EDT
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