>: The Waltz of spring :<

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This is an original composition. It might fit with an RPG game I think :)

The Waltz of spring (c) Zineb TOUIL

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Smashing good hit

I liked it as is, sometimes you need a little pick me up and this piece did just that. Keep up the great work.

a little too steady...

awesome composition, well written the onlything I noticed is that it would probrably sound better if you had some sort of contrast to the song(I'm not saying go gothic on the song, but you could even go even super happy-er something that helps the song unfold ) by the way I noticed that you're a beginer composer, so am I! check out my page when you got the time I'm always up to recieving critism as well as giving it out

Zineb responds:

Thanks! I will :)


i personally dont like this song... im not into super happy songs, but i still gave it a 9/10 cuz it is well put together and definatly better than anything i could at the moment.

candy cats skipping in a field of chocolate

This is one of the cutest pieces i've heard in a while, and it's a welcome change of pace. Solid, abominably cute and dosn't wander into disorienting areas.

I disagree that a piece needs to change as it unfolds, like a novel. Often what you need is a piece to set and maintain a particular mood, and otherwise simple variations are better for that than complicated explorations that leave you with the unexpected. I'm not saying the latter is bad, but the former is good and has its uses.

On the minus side the flute samples bother me for some reason and the ending is a little flat. I'd say try to loop it, but I want everything to loop so... :3

Really great.

It's spelled waltz, you may want to fix that however. In case you don't know how to fix it, just go to My Account> Audio Submissions, and click Edit.

On for my review of the music, it was great, being my main impression. Sounds almost exactly like a song from a pokemon game, if only you had it in 8-bit sound. :P The harmonics really are great. The only downside is that it feels like a theme and variations piece. The mood never really changes, and that could be bringing down the piece. In classical music, there's generally a B theme that contrasts with the A theme by being in a different key and being in a different mood. Normally when I write in a major key, I tend to write the B section in minor. That way it is like a good novel. It can't be happy the entire way through. There's got to be a "bad guy", or some problematic situation at some point so that the lead character can overcome it.At the end you should probably re-enter the A section, with the original melody in the original key, and that's pretty much all my suggestions.

The orchestration is absolutely ingenious, so I can't really give all too much information on that.

Great job. I'd be honored if you came to my page and checked out some of my stuff.

Regards, MJTTOMB

Zineb responds:

Hello! I'm grateful for your positive critism. In fact this is the first time I made a classical music, and I don't really know how a classical song should be written or structured. The informations you gave me are very helpful! Next time I will use them to make something better. Thank you again :)
(I 'll fix that wrong word)

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Mar 22, 2008
6:36 AM EDT
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