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Megaman Bros X3 episode 3

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This is a next part of castle defense, I added some parts from episode 1 and 2 because I wanted make shour to give you some plots what is going on.
In this episode leader of last pancer dyvision decidet to slow down Omega invasion force what is aheding to Princes castle,
Pancer dyvision Commander exacly know that they could crushe X-bots and Koppa tropas no matter how high number they are having, but enemy sond realy big air force to cover Koppa trops and X-bots, Nowbady know who created Air ships for Bowser but Air ships and Vile Clones are incredible advanced.
This is why Dyvision Commander know that even if 90% of his pancer dyvision have laser air cover weapon what can make damage to air ships thanks avoiding they shields, they will all die.
Even with knowing that they will die, he know that so high of air ships can easy destroy castle and the only chance for castle is to take air ships number down, it was the hardest decysion he maked.

Thanks tham enemy air force will become unable to break new castle armor, but because of air force X-bots and Koppa tropas will have clear way to castle.

I m realy sorry that this episode is not long but meaby I will make it longer in future, for now I hope you will like it, hope you will have fun,

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ROTFLMFAOOL that was F awesome! >:D evil war haha! evil >:D



CommanderX responds:

After I lost all files with this series when my windows crashed I decided to not continue this series, sorry.


The series is coming along and getting a lot better.
But WTF man, "My Heart Will Go On" ? I understand the effect you were going for of No Hope, but i think it could've ended with a better song choice. Putting all that aside though, I have to say that this series is decent, and i look forward to seeing it end and get better along the way.

hope u make u make the next ep soon

it wasnt bad movie the war was great all the missles laser and bombs people dead and other things . u could have put isumthing like wat happened to megaman and zero in the movie after the war or sumthing if u wanted to.cant wait til the next ep hope its great

CommanderX responds:

I m sorry to say but me window goes down secound time, I not have even macromedia flash now.
I m unable to make any new flash movies any longer.

Pretty Sad...But Still GOOD anyway

it's kinda dramatic how the guy in the tank dies....but well..the battle was great anyways...i do agreed with IndigoExtreme...it can be longer....but that doesnt quit any of my stars to this! good job!