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Reviews for "Megaman Bros X3 episode 3"

This episode should be longer.

You should lengthen episode 3 now and make episode 4 later. That's all I have to say.

I love 8 bit SPAM!!

omg, you get 1 star, and that's cause I don't feel like clicking more than I have too.

Not bad

Prety good man. Also get off his back, i mean this is really good.

Good one but ~

You can do better... I know that is a difficult thing to do but... You can improve your technic and make something better... Explore more the angles... And the sprites itself... I am loving the story ^ ^ ~ Is very good and elaborated... But even watching the 1 and 2, something don't get sense... Even reading the story text... But, talking about the movie itself... Congratulations from your hard work, how I told before, I know that is not easy...

Good luck in your next movie, I will be waiting ^ ^

And one more tip... About the arm of captain... Try to fit the action object with the sprites... I had to imagine a new arm to take the good moment of movie xD ~

- Zero (No... I don't am a fan of Megaman xD ~)

another good one :)

looks Nagneto and L-dragon...they're not bad graphics just because u dont like that style it dosnt mean they're bad...and Nagneto, i'd like to see you animate better...
I think it was another good one :) keep up the good work

CommanderX responds:

if movie is medium than some people are blaming it and some are promoting it, it is all to what people like, the clue is to get many opinions so you can know you not wasted time making this.
Thanks for review, having to blaming reviews without any good reviews could tell me that movie is phatetic.