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Skydiver Mach II

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Author Comments

This game was originally created by Chad Chisholm in a program called gamemaker but with his permission i re-created the game in flash.

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i like this game but i can only play once and it stops

good game but,

There should be a life system put into it, plus, the helicopters filled a third of the vertical airspace each, so you loose some points there...


NEDT7 said, when helicopters crash into eachother they should explode. It would also be cool if the other guys in the air could get killed too. Other than that, great game!

Really fun.

When I first hit play and the dude was falling I was like. "Okay, that's a tad boring." It was when I got hit and the music kicked in and I started plummeting down to earth. THAT is when I thought. "Kickass Game."

You deserve this ten.

Good time waster

Not a great game, but it's fun to pass the time.

Graphics weren't very good, and it didn't make a whole lot of sense in general but neither detracted much from the overall game. It was amusing how your guy spins around randomly and yells "what are you doing?!" when you screw up. The game play is simple and easy once you get the hang of it. I got to a little over 10k and got bored. I didn't encounter any glitches.

I don't really understand why it told me I was at terminal velocity, I guess it was just supposed to make it more exciting? I at first thought it meant I had to get another parachute ASAP or I was going to die, but that's apparently not the case. It looks like you don't actually need a parachute so long as you don't mind falling fast.

Some suggestions: Make a short storyline, even if it's just something like "You friend has accidentally pushed you out of a plane, but you somehow have a parachute... survive and collect points". Some background music might have been good too, although if you do that be sure to add a mute button. Nothing worse than not being able to mute repetitive music. Also, I think it would be cool if the jets and choppers would be explode when they run into each other instead of just passing through each other like they do.

Some tips for anyone who's having trouble:
-The black birds home in on you, but once they launch at you they'll go in a straight line. Be ready to dodge them when they do (because they'll move pretty quickly).
-Run into other skydivers to get their parachutes as well to regain body parts (didn't get this, I guess he's a cannibalistic cyborg or something? lol...).
-Use aircraft to block birds, this works with both types of birds and aircraft.