12 FU's Of Online Gaming

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A comedy video rant that includes a list of 12 things that piss us off about the world of Online Gaming. This is The 12 F*ck You's Of Online Gaming!

Please read the disclaimers before typing dumb reviews... wait... for some of you, it might already be too late for that.

Thanks for watching, you people rock! Also thanks to my friend ChaosJon1 for converting this into flash for me.

Bonus F*ck You: SPAWN CAMPERS!!!!!! OR JUST CAMPERS &*%&*#$&*

I also know a lot of you are thinking, this is a NON animation on Newgrounds. Yes this is a NON-ANIMATION, but there have been many GOOD NON-ANIMATION flash's on Newgrounds, such as: Numa Numa, Awesome Video Games, and First Person Shooter in real life. Hopefully this flash will be one of the better Non-Animations on NG.


Your walls look ugly.

Whining about losing on a video game is really pathetic. I'll leave you to figure that out yourself.

Your concept of the 'Flash Portal' is twisted. Newgrounds features flash content, whereas Youtube is where all the videos go.

So true.

It's too bad that there are very few smart people left in the world. I don't get who calls you a noob if you kill them.


Now all that was pretty true...lol...

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yea idk if sumone else already said this but

yea i only gave u a 5 cuz you make good points, but it woulda been better (in my opinion) if this was animated, like if you had made short sketches. like had somebody doing the annoying thing, and thru the animation it would show how annoying it is, then maybe have some words explaining extra how annoying it was ya know?

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Whack Attack

Although i agree with most of the things you say like every other reviewer i really didnt need to be told whats shit about online gaming, that coupled with the amateuer at best presentation i.e. youtube in the corner!!! just plain boring if you ask me. cheap, nasty, rushed and like i said just plain boring!

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