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Kamineko RPG

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Author Comments

***** ================ ******
UPDATE 27.06.2008
kamineko.prv.pl has now updated version of the game with 3 levels of difficulty to choose from.
***** ================ ******

Visit www.kamineko.prv.pl for more info and updates

Kamineko RPG in loosely based on Azumanga Daioh. You're not required to see it as it is more focused on parodying RPGs (and many other stuff).
Keyword: Hand-drawn, Frame-by-Frame, up to 3vs3 fights, Day/Night effect.
Space to interact (accept, search through stuff, etc)
H for Help

People who watched Azumanga Daioh; you remember how Sakaki's cat Maya chased Kamineko and his gang? Well, now Kamineko wants revenge!
But is that all his after? Who will stop him? Will Duke Nukem Forever ever come?
Kamineko RPG tries to answer some of those questions.

The whole game started as an idea on certain forum. Unfortunately it didn't come as expected so I decided to continue making this game by myself.
... 3 years later it is done.

Anyway, Kamineko is relatively short for a RPG (I guess) clocking about 4hours of game play doing the absolute minimum to finish it. Bump it up with an hour or two if you want to have it 100% complete.
Note that the game is quite challenging so it may be longer.

Getting started walkthrough:
Your primary goal should be to gather of all 3 party members.
First, gather some cash and experience fighting weakest cats besides Sakaki's house (The park to the left from there has a bit stronger cats).
After few level-ups you can try going for the second character, Armisael. Two maps to the right, at intersection there is an exit to the World Map, there just find a small house on the hill.
Osaka, final party member is the right from Sakaki's house and all the way up.
With all 3 characters in your party you can now venture in to the school grounds (to the right from intersection). Rest is up to you.

Some useful tips and notes:
You can only make one step on the world map; after that you either have to enter the location you moved to or go back.
In battle, holding the mouse over icons shows their description.
In in-doors locations you can look through stuff like drawers, shelves or barrels with SPACE key.
You cannot die permanently in this game.

That is all.
Have fun.

If game FPS counter doesnt go past 15 (Kamineko's optimal speed is 20) , check kamineko.prv.pl for workaround.

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it remembers me of when i first got a lobotomy i loved it so much i had another 39485 lobotomies

i thought it was about cats

I wonder why Sakaki doesn't use forks at home. It's fine though. Sorta inspiring though, buying utensils from your friends.

4as responds:

Holy cow, a review for my 5 year old game!
Thank you! :D

A great game with a few flaws.

Story: 10/10
A side story for Azumanga Daioh that is quite well implemented - I can see Kagura selling forks as weapons already.

Music: 9/10
A nice collection of tunes, marred by the fact that cricket chirping at night is.... rather GRATING on the mind.

Gameplay: 7/10
A well-planned system with a few issues. One I notice that the faster opponents dont give you enough time to select a move, forcing you to use AI when duelling them.

Overall 8.5/10
Technical score 9/10 because this game has potential. Good job!.


Kind of addicting. I still never found out how can you summon something in battle.

Anyways... I'm thinking of making a RPG game based off Azumagna also... only problem is... it take 3 years to finish because I have 2 other games I want to make.

Other than that... this game was fun and had a plot twist at the end.

4as responds:

Creating a RPG doesnt necessarily require that much time, you just need to clearly specify your goals and stick to them. That, plus people specializing in design, animation and programming, and single game could take less than 6 months.
I made a mistake of not taking Kamineko too seriously at first and working almost completely alone on it.

By the way, summons do not work - the code is there, but I did not make any animations for them.

Credits & Info

4.48 / 5.00

Jun 25, 2008
12:42 PM EDT