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sherry enema: #1

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I just made a flash because I have all these old scripts backed up from Get A God but I'm bored with the format. So I started re-writing them to make them slightly less shit and unfunny and then started writing NEW SHIT AND UNFUNNY STUFF

So this series of tweens basically the spiritual successor to Get A God. Hopefully you like it, because there's going to be a lot more. The minimalist artwork means I don't have to re-design the characters each time I change interview subject - I'm very clever like that.

There's no explosions or fight scenes and very, very few references to video games or Weird Al Yankovic. With that in mind, vote whatever you think I deserve.

Thanks in advance.

Oh and this is inspired by RubberNinja's Gamer Tonight, because when I want top-shelf intelligently observed satire, that's where I go.

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I feel kinda silly for saying this but...

Before this flash I never knew that women's rights was a facet of abortion. I thought it was just is it murder to kill the fetus and are there cases when its ok to abort. Opened my eyes man good job.

Cambo responds:

always happy to overcomplicate the issues

your twisting my words here Camron

funny shit dude. That was really, really, REALLY funny. i love your animations, and yoou never seem to dissapoint!

Cambo responds:

Wow, mate I'm really glad you enjoyed this, there's plenty more coming so don't touch that dial!!

haha. wooow.

everyone else who reviewed this seems to think that he's McCain's dodging questions, when the reporter IS in actuality twisting his words. I honestly thought you were pointing out how reporters do that, not that politicians "dodge questions." =[

it was incredibly realistic though. it's almost like you weren't pointing anything out lol.

Cambo responds:

I deliberately try to make these things realistic because I hate satire that's exaggerated to distortion point. If it seems like the way people actually talk and you can still see the point then it's working, I guess you just can't see the point.

so good

that was a great script loved that conversation so much truth good job

P.S. like your animation style also

OMG it's like hand drawn Fox News!

Amazing satire of how politicians always seem to dodge the question and say something positive about themselves. It was like every political discussion I've ever seen, every bit as good as number 2, which I saw first. You're a genius.