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Just a little something I've been working with on and off for a while. Make sure to read the instructions before you play!


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Really good game, it's something I really never seen before. You have to hold down a certain letter until the circle surround the letter is the same size as your's. At times it does get a little boring but other times it really keeps you on your toes. (Or in this case finger :P)

+ An interesting concept that I've never seen before
+ Catchy theme, not the best but matches with the game fairly well
+ The satisfaction of getting a perfect five times in a row ^-^
+ Steady difficulty with easy, medium, and hard
+ The slow-mo power-up helps a lot!

-/+ Main menu pretty boring, but oh well
-/+ Circls? Is the typo intentionally? (I truthfully can't tell)
-/+ Levels going on forever? I don't like that, I like the satisfaction of beating a whole level

- I don't know if it's just me, but sometimes when I think I'm on point, I end up getting a "Bad" maybe the hit detection is a bit off?

Overall, a solid flash game, definitely something I might come back to for nostalgia. The concept is original, the music is great, and most importantly it's fun. I've seen a lot of crap minimal flash games here on Newgrounds but every now and then there's a diamond in the ruff. Good job on the game :)


I wouldn't recommend this, but it wasn't bad. It was hard to understand. I admit that's my problem for not reading the instructions properly. I guess the music was fairly good. I appreciate how it was a pretty original idea. I enjoyed hearing the little sounds.

The spelling with the title was kind of funny. That was intentional, right? The design worked out pretty well. It's always weird how stuff that looks simple can be so hard. I'm at least glad I played it.


It was fun for quite a while, but then it got a tad repetative. Also I think that the letters should take different amounts of time for you to press & hold the button -- it seemed as if they all took the same exact amount of time (maybe it's just me), so it was just a matter of memorizing how long to hold the button for.

For the genre of game it is, it was pretty good.


I honestly couldn't help myself:

- "Make sure to read the instructions before you play!"
- "its ok but i dont understand what to do"

Fail much?

@ guy below - lets not downrate something due to our lack of mental capacity, yes?

its ok

its ok but i dont understand what to do

Not bad

I've seen a game with the exact same idea. I think that one didn't have powerups though so this was better in that sense.
It looked good, no complaints on the visuals. Although could maybe be more colorful.
The music was good, I think. Suited the game.
The game didn't have a very long life-span for me though. I keep pressing the wrong buttons and then I die. It's a bit too repetitive for me to bother playing till I get good at it.
Was alright game though.

knugen responds:

Another game with this idea? The closest thing I've heard of is games where you simply press the keys, but I guess it's certainly not impossible that I've missed it considering that there are quite a few games out there.

Thank you for your review :)

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3.85 / 5.00

Jun 2, 2008
6:50 PM EDT