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Firing Machine

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Just fire the damn people!


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It never ends, does it?

It is always nice to hear that music (dang that is everywhere nowadays), but your game needs improvement. I did not find much "advancing" into it, except more blood on the cliff. A better thing to do would be to have people come down the cliff and you could aim at that. I did kind of laugh at how you managed to make it have such a simple premise. The graphics are decent, it is just that there is not much that happens with this. I suggest some more elaborate effects and more going on next time.

Lorkas responds:

You're right, I could've made it a lot better than only this. Now that I've played it again I've realised I could've had stickmen coming down from the hole in the cliff. With enough work I could also make the cannon rotate and make it an actual game and not an interactive movie. I'm still quite happy about how it turned out graphics wise at least, given the fact that I was a 7th grader when I made this.

Thanks for writing this review Ericho, it actually gave me something to think on.


i was bored after the 4th shot, i liked the song but other than that it was just a really boring game

Lorkas responds:

Yeah, I made this a long time ago. Didn't take me too long. I guess I could've made it a bit longer.


even my pants loled, its fahwnay, but whats the song called?

Lorkas responds:

Thanks mate!

The song's called Herp Albert - spanish flea

oh well..

it got boring after 4 shots but i liked the music so lol 10.

Lorkas responds:



You could of at least allowed the cannon to move up or down. As at the moment it really isn't that good. It was nice how the blood splatter built up for the first couple of times. See if you can continue it in the next version, rather then just have it stop after 4 shots.

Lorkas responds: