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Zombie Arena

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Zombie Arena is a bare bones zombie shooter with 4 difficulties, tons of upgrades, 5 zombie types, mines, rage mode and more. See if your good enough to get a high score! Controls are as follows:
AWSD keys to walk around, Mouse to Aim and Shoot, Space to drop a mine, Shift to activate rage, P to pause.

Thats about all you need to know, have fun guys!

Update: Made the shots hit the zombies more accurately, so you'll still hit the zombies when they're very close.

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Not bad but could be so much better.
The way i see it, it didnt look like it had much work put into it, and it had a few minor flaws too like the speed of the zombies and their random respawn points as mentioned below. Otherwise, i have to say its fairly addictive and a fun game to play.
Could be a lot better though ;)


could be better

The game was pretty fun except for 2 big problems that I saw. One was the fact the zombies spawned out of nowhere, you're running away from 20 zombies and BAM, 10 more spawn in your way. Second was the zombie speed, half of them are just as fast or faster than your character, which makes it impossible to keep up with the rate of fire and avoiding enemies.


its a good game other than the fact you get no ammo :'(

not to bad

newxt time, add more wepons


it was boring after the first 200 kills, needs better graphicks zombs plz,circles wit hantenas...