{DJDF} Cursor Game 2

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EDIT: New load screen.
EDIT: Fixed menu button when you beat the game.
EDIT: If a white screen shows up while loading wait for a moment and It'll go away. I tried fixing it so it may not show up anymore.
I worked long and hard on this. For any info on how to play click on 'About'. Please vote and review fairly.



I liked it.
nice music too.
Sometimes, it would wrongly accuse me of cheating though


Why are game like this too easy even on hard?But still good work.

DeadFlower responds:

On easy you restart the level you failed. On hard you restart at level 1 no matter what level you failed to complete. IE. failed level 9 you restart at level 1 and have to do the whole game over.

You think you can cheat in my game ?

yes.... lol
i dont think anyone completed it without cheating :P
There's already a lot of mouse maze like this one... get a good idea, use some creativy. Good luck in further projects !

DeadFlower responds:

I believe that I used a lot of creativity in this and a lot of hard work too.


Awesome kick-ass game 5/5
I found a glitch:
Right-click during a maze and you can go directly to the red button

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DeadFlower responds:

Thanks for the feed back I really appreciate it!

Two words...

Load screen.

At 6 MB's it takes far too long to load without a load screen. It only takes about 60 seconds to load for me, but for people with slower computers they might think it simply doesn't work.

DeadFlower responds:

I can't help that your computer loads my game slowly.

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3.03 / 5.00

May 17, 2008
8:51 PM EDT
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